I Love It, I Love It Not!


Ladies and Gentleman, I have a few simple questions for you this evening:

1.       How did your significant other react to you going natural?

2.      Did you consult with them before or after your transition?

3.      How important is their input with your decision to go natural?

Now, lets get right down to it. Before I decided to go natural I always use to complain about my hair not growing right, lots of sheading, breakage, hair thinning and just the whole appearance utterly disappointed me. After my ongoing complaints and frustration my spouse told me to just go natural.

This was my confirmation that I was going to cut it off and start all over. Even though I have had a short hair style back in high school, which I decided to cut the day of graduation didn’t scare me much in my decision to make peace with the scissors. So I ended up going even shorter this time around because eventually I knew it was going to grow back.

At this time in my new journey my husband’s support was very important because what people don’t tell you when you go natural is the early stages of hating how it looks at first. Let me be honest and tell you that I felt that way some days when it wasn’t holding a style I wanted and other days I was very much pleased. However, with a strong support system and positive encouragement to keep going makes the experience just that much better.

Thanks for reading. Like, share this post and leave a comment. I would love to hear your story.


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