Our Daughters Self Image

Many mothers ask themselves what positive images does my daughter see of her own reflection that promotes natural beauty. As we see on TV and in stores, not so many. So as they grow up much of what they see is a European complexion and straight hair image that is deemed in our society as beautiful and much more attractive.

After a while when your out shopping with her for toys, going to the hair salon, watching her favorite TV shows etc. you being to ask yourself, “Does she see herself as beauty and is this what she looks up to?” Well for me I got a wake up call about two years ago. My daughter came to me and said, “Mommy I want straight hair”.

At this time I have only allowed her hair to be straighten once because I’m totally against heat on her hair at this young of an age. However, I proceeded to ask her why she wanted her hair straight? She then began to tell me that she didn’t like her hair and that some kids at school would make fun of her because of her hair and they way it looked.


I was hurt hearing that about my baby girl and that’s when I sat her down and explained to her that she is beauty in her own way and her hair is unique. Its red and curly like its suppose to be naturally and doesn’t need to be straighten. Since then she pays a lot more attention to how I do my hair and what natural hair styles I do, which has allowed her to see herself through me. Now our hair days are much more exciting for her and she loves it.

Even when you think they are not watching they are. Its important that our daughters are encourage to love themselves, who they are, and what they look like is acceptable and beautiful. No matter what anyone else thinks, the only opinion that matters is what they think of themselves.

Thanks for reading,

~Queen Nique~



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