Which Method Works Best For You, LOC or LCO?

In order to decide which (Liquid, Oil, Cream or Liquid, Cream, Oil) method works best for your hair type, you have to determine what type of hair porosity level you have. This would be the amount of moisture your hair will absorb that can determine the end results of your style while using any of these two methods.

High porosity levels:  your hair allows a lot more moisture in and out of the hair cuticles strands and is more prone to being frizzy and tangle easily. Heavier oils is needed for this level.

Low porosity levels: your hair does not allow moisture penetration easily into the hair cuticles because it has a tighter layer of strands, which results in a smoother and shiny appearance. Lighter oils is needed for this level.

For more information about high and low porosity levels read: The LCO Method (Liquid Cream Oil)The LCO Method (Liquid Cream Oil).
Liquid, Oil, Cream Method

Just in this order is how you would apply your product on your hair right after washing or it can be done on dry hair as well. When applying a liquid, you can use water by itself or infused with your favorite oils in a spray bottle or a leave-in-conditioner such as Karen’s Body Beautiful Pomegranate Guava Sweet Ambrosia or As I Am. Creams can be any of your choice from As I Am Doublebutter Cream, Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream or Uncle Funky’s Daughter Supercurl Miracle Moisture Creme. All of these brands I have used personally and worked very well on my 4c hair. Lastly you would apply your oil. These would be options from coconut, jojoba, olive, almond, argan or castor to name a few. My oil of choice is coconut oil, but use what works best with your hair and don’t be afraid to try some out. In case you may run out of one oil or it’s not easily available in your location you should always have a backup option or stock up when you see SALES. After applying these steps you would then proceed with your choice of style, which in my case my favorites would be either a two strand twist out, braid out, or bantu knot.

Liquid, Cream, Oil Method

This method is used in the same steps as the one described above just in a different order as seen. However, if you suffer from product build up you may want to leave a step out and just try a LO (Liquid/Oil) or LC (Liquid/Cream) method.

For more information read: The LCO Method (Liquid Cream Oil).

So let me know your thoughts and what methods worked best for you. Don’t forget to like, comment and share.

~Queen Nique~


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