Jamaican Mango & Lime: Black Castor Oil Original

So I decided to go back to using castor oil, which I have used before in the past years ago. While using this I noticed my hair grew so much. I eventually stopped using it because the brand I did buy at the hair supply stores at the time stopped carrying it and I never really found a brand that I liked or that worked really well on my hair. However, right now especially during this winter time where I would most likely be wearing protective styles I needed something that would help prevent my hair from being so dry and brittle.img_20961img_20991






































While browsing through Sally Beauty Supply I came upon this gem, (pictured above) Black Castor Oil from Jamaican Mango & Lime. It was only $6.99 on sale. It comes in a 4oz glass bottle and the texture is really smooth. The smell is not too bad, but you can definitely tell it has some real natural ingredients included as the label describes such as castor seed oil, soybean oil, carrot oil, and grape seed oil.


Applying the oil is simple and has directions on how to use for the hair and skin. When I apply it to my hair I put some in a spray bottle, that way it gets a good amount on the scalp and surrounding hair areas. I section my hair in four parts for easy distribution and then make sure to rub it in by massaging at the roots first and then throughout my hair in a downward angle. I continue this until all sections have been completed then proceed with a protective style for the day that would most likely last me between 1-2 weeks.

I have not tried the hot oil treatment just yet, so wait for my next follow up on the product for results. However, I did start applying the oil to my feet at night and have seen a major difference in smoothness even after I wear socks. I normally have to lotion my feet every night and then the next morning as if they are drinking water lol…. Maybe its this cold weather I’m in right now because during the spring or summer time that is not the case. Luckily with this oil I did not have to reapply as much as often. So all in all I’m happy with the results I have seen so far and will continue to use.

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~Queen Nique~


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