Going Beyond The Basics!!!

“Thinking Basic gets you Basic results!!!” for instance, if you always think something extraordinary is going to come from you just putting in basic efforts, your wrong. Its those who have patience, put in overtime, extra work, go over and beyond that get the best results. This goes for our thinking process as well. If we continue to think that only a few times a week that we speak positive we will automatically get rid of the negativity. WRONG again my friends. You have to always continuously be and speak positivity into your life. You have to make sure that you surround yourself with people that are positive as well. This is an ongoing process that does not allow just the basics to be enough. Lets face it we are tried everyday of our lives whether its from a co-worker, boss, friend,  family, significant other etc.

Captivate every moment of Greatness!!!


What we put out into the universe is what we get in return. As some will say life and death is in the power of words. This holds so much truth in itself for me, especially when I began my journey in doing yoga. I found myself at first saying that it would be hard, When would I have the time?, I’m not in shape and too heavy, I’m not flexible enough and how will I ever achieve this or that as so many other yogi’s I would admire?

Inhale the Universe exhale the Energy

So I figured if I engage in it maybe twice a week should be enough to get there, just because the fact I have been in gymnastics and cheer years before it should be easy. WRONG! Just that basic thinking proved that my results would not be where I wanted it to be and I had to put in more time, commitment and patience to retrain my body to do what I want it to do. But, its not over yet and I’m still on my journey learning new things and enjoying all that I have accomplish until now and I’m at PEACE with that.

Every view of the Universe has a different perspective, what you may see now is only to the visible eye, look past and beyond into the being and there you will find an untouched soul of Light


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