Quick Faux Loc Ponytail Wrap

Today was a simple hair day. I have been letting my locs breath for a minute with no style for a couple of days. However, today I decided to do an updo ponytail, but without the hair tie. Instead I used a scarf and made it into a wrap.


Step 1: Place scarf around head under locs with ends facing to the front. Overlap in a crisscross direction towards middle.

Step 2: Pull locs forward, then wrap ends from behind in another crisscross directions towards middle and pull locs back.

Step 3: Pull ends to tighten however comfortable, then wrap in crisscross directions once more in mid section.

Step 4: At this point you should have a high ponytail position. Lastly take ends and tuck in pockets behind locs at the center of the ponytail for security.

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