Jamaican Mango & Lime: Black Castor Oil Original Review!!!

Hello everyone, hope your week is already starting out great! It’s only Monday and we know how we all feel the start of each week lol. So with that being said just remember to “Be Productive”! 

This chat will be very sort as I will be showing my results so far from using this brand above pictured. I recently just did a protective style of Faux Locs in Dec and left them in about a month before take down. Through this process I have been using this oil for my scalp and a leave in conditioner spray to help with moisture and dryness. Sure enough as expected because I have used castor oil before my hair grew. During take down, which by the way was the most easy and less time consuming experience I had ever dealt with compared to having braids and sew ins. I’m a Fan!!!

Not only this, but I noticed my hair was very soft, smooth and easy to detangle out my scalp braids. On the flip side I did have some shedding, which looks like a lot from the photo below (visual is enlarged), but to be honest I have not trimmed my ends since June of last year and I know I’m way over due and need to get it done to reduce this amount. 

However, overall I am pleased with the product and how well it worked on my hair. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my little spill of info.

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~Queen Nique~


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