Hello Naturals,

My thoughts today have been brought to you by a very intriguing question as to What style should you use on your natural hair for an interview?

It has come down to the wire for me to get back out there into the working world, I haven’t had to do an interview in almost 6 years…lol At this time I was not fully wearing my hair in its natural state and preferred a protective style such as sew ins. This was a piece of cake because my style of choice was always a BOB either curly or straight, which I still love!!!

However, now that I have been embracing my natural hair more these days I find it a little challenging finding the right style for me that would be “Appropriate” as they say during the interview process.

A few I have tried are: Wash and Go, Fro-Hawk and (2) French Braids.

I haven’t really experimented much with any other styles outside of these, as they would need to be something quick and easy. My morning routine with my kids are hectic and on the go, go, go. With that being said prep time would definitely need to be done the night before.

Something that I find so amusing is that in the natural hair community, we still have limitations on how to wear our hair because it may not be professional enough for the dress code, but can walk into a business find someone with bright colored hair and/or piercings in their face greeting you…lol Makes you think what was I so worried about right????

I would love to hear your thoughts on what styles you have done for this special day. 

Thanks for taking the time to read.


~Queen Nique~

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