#NamaSlayAllDay Challenge Day 6!!!


Day 6: Firefly Pose/ Tittibhasana

Benefits: Strengthens and stretches legs, arms, wrist, inner groin and core. 


All levels welcome. This is about celebrating where you are TODAY. No judgement, just love. πŸ’•β€



Day 1: Floating Camel

Day 2: Pincha 

Day 3: Low Lunge

Day 4: Hollowback Handstand

Day 5: Reverse Plank

Day 6: Firefly

Day 7: Fallen Angel

Day 8: Frog

Day 9: Splits

Day 10: Yogi’s Choice .













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Hope to see you all in the challenges. Follow me on IG @queen_nique_ankh!


~Queen Nique~

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