#Yogahealingcrystals Challenge!!!

Repost from yog_a_melia! 🌸#Yogahealingcrystals
16-31 March🌸
Join us as we explore the use of crystals to bring about self healing and love in our every day yoga practice.
🌸Loving Hosts🌸
🌸Loving Sponsors🌸
1. Mountain Pose
2. Tree Pose
3. Bound angle
4. Goddess Pose
5. Boat Pose
6. Bharadvaja’s Twist
7. Camel Pose
8. Whee or Bridge Pose
9. Fish Pose
10. Shoulder stand
11. Sukhasana
12. Child’s Pose
13. Corpse Pose
14. Meditation
🌸This challenge is open to everyone and we invite you to have fun. If you are new to yoga, we ask that you use props, and make modifications.
🌸We will provide a pose each day . You can either post a video flow or picture. You can choose to do the pose of the day or modify it to fit your practice.
🌸Guidelines To Enter:
1) Repost This Flyer and Hashtag #Yogahealingcrystals
2) Follow All Hosts and Sponsors
3) Tag a couple friends to join
4) Post daily, hashtag #Yogahealingcrystals with all posts, and tag all hosts and sponsors so we know you are playing along.
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@yogachallengeworld @QuantumYoga


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