Nubian Heritage: African Black Soap 24hr Deodorant!!!

I have been wanting to try this product for some time now and I have finally found a place where I could get it. I have been to Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods and came up empty. I will say where I live the stores you would think have it didn’t even have it. So I went to my local Green Arces store in which I saw they carried the brand of Nubian Heritage products such as the soaps and lotions already.

I inquired about it and although they didn’t carry it in the store I was able to have a special order made for me to have it shipped to the store. It cost about $4 bucks, packaging is good and it goes on clear. When you first put it on it feels wet and cool. It does not have a strong smell so don’t worry about It overshadowing your perfume lol.

I have herd good things about this company so far and I have already been using this lines lotion since Nov 2016 and I love it. I will probably do another review on this item in about a month just to get a real feel about how I like it or don’t like it depending on how it’s goes, so look out for that!


~Queen Nique~


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