#Flashbackfridays Part 2!!!

#flashbackfridays Another year later and I highlighted my hair and eventually it started to fade away and yep even more growth, but a little slower this time. Then I did a trim and highlighted some more….πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ At this time I was trying different products such as #AsIAm, #unclefunkysdaughter, #sheamoisture and #karensbeautiful. I loved these brands and they worked for me through this process. Some I still use here and there and others not as much now. TBH I left from a very humid state and my hair always stayed moist. As of now this dry/cold weather where I live now has beyond hit a nerve. I can definitely feel the difference in my hair so YES I notice!!! Needless to say I’m soooo looking forward to starting over again soon. #naturalhair #teamnatural #naturalista #naturalcurls #naturalbeauty #healthy_hair_journey #curlsunderstood #natural #kinkychicks 

Thanks for reading!


~Queen Nique~


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