#YogisMostWanted Challenge!!!


Repost from freckled_yogi Are you ready for #YogisMostWanted ⁉️⁉️ .
Even though yoga is a never ending journey that requires time and patience we all have those poses that we are so anxious to nail! Whether it is your first split or holding that arm balance for more than a millisecond there is a pose that we all find so intriguing! Maybe it feels a mile away or just out of reach‼️‼️
Let us explore these Most Wanted Poses together with #YogisMostWanted – a yoga challenge that runs April 23rd to 30th. We will go through different categories of poses and show what we are working on/what we want to improve on most‼️‼️
April 24th: Seated pose
April 25th: Backbend
April 26th: Hip Opener
April 27th: Standing Balance Pose
April 28th: Arm Balance
April 29th: Inversion
April 30th: Yogis Choice

How to Play:
1. Follow all hosts and sponsors.
2. Post daily with the hashtag #YogisMostWanted – tagging all hosts and sponsors in your post.
3. Repost the flier and tag a few friends to join in!
4. Make your profile public so we can see your pics! .



Tag a Friend:

@yogi_james @iron_yogi06 @wildheart.yoga @ellieyogini_89 @nude_yogagirl @littleyogijay @yogixueli @mista_randall_ @hamp407 @shanti_love10 @anny_dz @yogiellena @morissa_yoga @_rebecca_lauren_yogi @tattooedyogimama 

Hope to see y’all in the challenge.

Thanks for reading,


~Queen Nique~
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