#YogaSockParty Challenge!!!


Repost from zenbeeni PLEASE JOIN US!! First post goes up tomorrow night!! 👣👣
Who’s ready for something fun and challenging to spice up their workouts and yoga practice? 🙋🏼 Well, we’ve got just the thing! May 1-10, @yogawithnicol
and @Zenbeeni are bringing you another round of #YogaSockParty. Pull out your leg warmers, knee socks, and smiles, because it’s going to be tons of fun!
Your Hosts:
Our Amazing Sponsors:

Daily poses:
Day 1- planks
Day 2- up planks
Day 3- down dog/dolphin
Day 4-slides
Day 5- wall exercises
Day 6- Splits
Day 7- inversions

1. Repost this image and tag your #IGFam.
2. Follow all hosts & sponsor, and don’t forget to tag #YogaSockParty in your posts.
3. Post your yoga pic or video highlighting the daily exercise or drill.
4. Encourage your #omgirls and #omboys to join in and play along by commenting & liking their posts & make some new friends!
5. Have fun & be safe!

Hope to see y’all in the challenge follow me on IG @queen_nique_ankh,


~Queen Nique~

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