img_20150423_083750 My name is Unique Lewis. I’m a loving wife and mother of two. I am a beginning blogger and a stay at home mommy after my relocation to a different state, which resulted in me taking some time away from working.

I first began my natural hair journey during my second pregnancy with my son back in 2009. After several years of perms, hair coloring dyes, sewed/glued in weaves, braids etc… I did the Big Chop! Ever since then I have been trying to stay on track with searching out what works for me as well as my daughter, who I vowed never to give a perm treatment to and encourage her to love her hair the way its intended to be (Naturally Curly).

I have been practicing yoga since 2015 and really stayed consisted with it due to unforeseen medical incidents from stress with work, school and family. This was one of the ways for me to control it and stay fit in the comfort of my own home without having to join and gym.

My hopes is to continue to share my natural hair journey and everything else in between that will welcome and inspire new Queens and Kings into the natural journey while loving every inch of it boldly.